Blizzard – You are both ingenious and insane

It really is difficult enough to defend WoW against the hatred and bile that some people spew its way…but then Blizzard goes and does something like this and makes it all the more difficult for me.  Throw me a bone, folks!!!  So now that you are selling in-game items for half the price of an expansion pack, could I possibly get you to throw in a functional Gnomish Rocket Launcher that shoots Murloc babies?  I’m just saying…it would be freakin’ awesome.  :)

Still, I don’t like the idea of this money going to Bobby Kotick so he can stuff his paper towel rolls with more wads of cash.  If you are wondering who Bobby Kotick is, he is the head of Activision (owners of Blizzard), who recently said that his primary goal is to “Take all the fun out of making video games, to keep people focused on the great depression.”  Here is an appropriate photograph.


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