Resistance 3 Insomniac Review

To be honest this is the first Resistance game that I played so I cannot compare it to the first two. Even though you were an epic hero in the first two Resistance games the Chimeran nation have still taken over the planet. In the first two episodes you played the character Nathan Hale. In Resistance 3 you play the character Joseph Capelli. It is a very personal story where a very average Joe is on suicide mission to enter the Chimeran territory to save his friends and family.

Outstanding things that I really liked is that on each level the art and graphic design reflects the personal story. This makes the game one of the best that I have ever ever played. The graphic design and maps are superb in a game telling an epic story. There is often the feeling of grandeur in the story similar to God of War III as the cut scenes play and also when you need to defeat the bosses. The level of quality of these movie scenes are similar to an animated movie released by Hollywood. Also the personal story combined with the epic world and combat as you defeat the Chimera provide for one hell of a gaming experience.

The game is extremely dark. It is a combination of a first person shooter game and an adventure game. The single campaign will take you about 10 hours to complete. The voice overs, acting and sound effects are extraodinary. I think that these are some of the best that I have ever seen on the PS3. The plot is very engaging and you always understand what you need to do. There are many different types of enemies in Resistance 3 and I think that this added immensely to the gameplay. Also you get to choose a wide variety of guns. Each gun is suited for a different type of enemy. You get the primary weapon and the secondary weapon. There are also upgrades that you collect and you also get to collect different types of grenades that you can fire at your opponents. I think choosing from the wide variety of magnificent guns and using them combine with the wide variety of enemies makes this one of the most entertaining games that I have ever played.

The online play is just as much fun. Insomniac have reduced the 64 player games to 64 to better suit the maps and the graphic and art design of the game. There is a wide variety. You can play co-operative with a friend using split screen mode or with an online player. There is a wide variety of online games that you can choose from eg. death match, team death match and capture the flag to name a few. You will definitely find a match that you will find entertaining. If there is one criticism that I can level at the game is that Sony have introduced an online pass similar to Electronic Arts. You get to register using the online pass once and if you do decide to share the game or trade it in then the new owner will need to purchase a new online pass from Sony. I never really liked this feature from EA games and Sony have decided to follow this strategy with the new games that they release.

I got the special edition which incleds the following extra content: vinyl effect blu-ray disc, multiplayer booster, SRPA black ops skin, infected Nathan Hale skin, “Sentinel” multiplayer title and “air fuel grenade”. In conclusion this is one of the best PS3 titles that I have ever played and you should get it.


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