Arcade Bowling Review

One of the great things about going to an arcade was the Skee-Ball that allow you to get tickets to get the “high quality” toys that were available behind the ticket counter. Now Arcade Bowling does not give you tickets for each round of the game you play, but it does give you the opportunity to play this old classic from the convenience of your iPhone/iPod Touch.

There are two modes of play, classic and progressive. In classic mode, you are given 9 balls to fling up toward the holes to score points. Progressive mode is similar to classic but you need to keep improving your previous round’s score by at least 20 points to continue playing.

The premise for the game is very simple. You are given a ball which you need to roll up an alley and shoot in a series of holes. Touching the screen near the bottom allows you to bring up a ball, and then you can move the ball to left and right based to help aim the shot. You then pick your speed and hope you get the ball in a hole. To further influence the ball, you can tilt the screen in any direction to change how the ball with land. Based on firsthand experience, I would recommend not playing the game on a bumpy road as it will throw you off during gameplay.

Each hole has a different point value assigned to it ranging from 10 to 100 with a minimum of always getting at least 10 points for each ball. If one of the holes is flashing, its value increased 5 times the points indicated for that hole. This was a great asset in the progressive mode of the game as you could obtain the score for a round by simply hitting a flashing 100 point hole. Your high scores are tracked on your iPhone/iPod Touch, but there’s no way to see how you compare against other players of the game around the world. Hopefully this is a feature they will consider in the future.

Being a fairly simple game, the graphics were plain but well done with clean art for the balls and the alley. It works for a game like this and gives it a more arcade feel to it instead of some flashy, whizzbang thing.

Music and sounds are not extensive but do add some enjoyment to the game. I wish the music was a bit more jazzy as it did not seem to have the same level of pep that I felt in Arcade Basketball, another game by Skyworks Interactive. The sounds of balls rolling up the alley were dead on with the “real life” version.

Even though the game took me a moment to start enjoying, once you get into Arcade Bowling, you will have trouble putting it down. Skyworks Interactive has done it again by bringing yet another arcade classic to the iPhone/iPod Touch.


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