2 Games to Look For in 2013

Street Fighter IV

It took Capcom a good eight or so years to “count to three” (as fans would say), and almost another decade later, they’ll be back with an all-new Street Fighter game. Taking the classic 2D gameplay and updating the look with full-3D characters that still have a hand-drawn look, Capcom is going to need some masterful design if they want to bring back the charm of SF2 way back from 1991. And the online play will be brutal, so hopefully Capcom can find a way to get more casual players to jump in together. Either way, fighting games might be a dying genre in some people’s eyes, but not to Capcom.

Halo Wars

haloEvery time a strategy game is released on a console we get the same crap about how this new game finally makes RTS “work” on a console controller. We’ve heard it at least 4 times now, and so far we’re unimpressed. Halo Wars, the final project by the soon-to-close Ensemble Studios, seems like it might just do it this time. Microsoft doesn’t seem to care either way, though, since they’ve already handed out the pink slips. Let’s at least hope that this fine studio that created the Age of Empires franchise has one great final hurrah for us. Gameplay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JdCuoN8fHs


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