UFC Undisputed 3 PS3 Review

UFC undisputed 3 is a significant addition to the franchise. There are many real fighters to be found and the look and style is that of actually mirrored real events. There is an extraorfinary amount of depth and the tutorial system is very comprehensive so that you know which buttons to press. An interesting aspect is the submission where it is almost like a mini game where you have to get your graphic to overlay your opponents graphic.


There is a wide variety of modes that you can play in Career mode allows you to start off small and not like an established fighter so that you have time to acclimatise. The training is fun you get to do activities like punch bags etc… allowing you ample time to build up your repertoire. Other modes include title defense, tournaments, title defense and ultimate fights. The online multiplayer is also very comprehensive and allows you to search for a player with a similar skill level to fight.

The one nifty feature about career mode is that you get to create a custom fighter that you will know inside out so you can tailor it to all your strengths. The only thing I found about it was that it was a little dreary or should I say too mechanical. The title defense mode allows you to go up to 100 fights to defend your title. It is very unlikely that you will ever reach this figure. Ultimate gights mode allows you to recreate all the classic fights.

Overall if you like fighting games then you will definitely not be disappointed.


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