2 Games to Look For in 2015

Resident Evil 5

Capcom’s long-awaited horror sequel is almost here. The fourth game was a reboot for the series, combining a fantastic storyline and great action with just enough of that movement-limiting feeling that makes the Resident Evil series so challenging. The new fifth game adds a cooperative element between the two protagonists while continuing to make sure that you can’t just blindly run-and-gun it like a shooter. Previews so far have been very positive, so if you liked RE4, it seems like a given that you’ll enjoy number five.

Wii Sports Resort

wiiOf all the Wii games that get kicked around, few have the instant fun factor of the original pack-in, Wii Sports. Its infectiously simple gameplay leads to more depth than you first thought as everyone improves at each game, and its accessibility is top-notch. The sequel takes everything to a beach resort where new sports come into play, like fencing and jet skiing. With the new attachment to further refine the Wiimote’s motion sensing capabilities, we’re not just looking at the same stuff with sand and oceans in the background.

Either way, will people pay full price for a Wii Sports sequel, and buy the appropriate attachments for the rest of their Wiimotes ? Will they even be in stock in local stores ? We’ll find out soon.


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