Rock Band 2 Review – final

The new tour mode still has the same basic setup as before, where you’ll play single songs or sets of them at various venues around the world – many of them are real-life places – and get as many fans and stars and money as you can to get to better and better arenas. You’ll also be able to hire staff, some of which are really just a way to force you to finish a specific challenge before you can move up, but on the way you’ll get a choice of managers each with their own perks, a merchandising girl, a sound guy, roadies, a bus, eventually a plane, and more on your way to the hall of fame.

Playing in this mode is way more fun than before, as you’ll have much more in the way of choice of what songs to play than in Rock Band. You still won’t be able to veto that one RB2 song you absolutely loathe (and don’t get me wrong, the track selection in this game is just as fun as last time, but everyone will still find at least a half-dozen songs to hate) but you will be able to mix in your tracks from the first game if you exported them as well as any new downloaded songs.

rock2As with the first game, I have found a few tracks to be a surprise in just how fun they are to play. Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”, Nirvana’s “Drain You”, and System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” are all tracks I expected to be pretty good, but they are just a blast – and our impromptu band which has been revolving in and out of the house since Sunday still hasn’t unlocked every track, but the absolute best has to be “Master Exploder” by Tenacious D for just ridiculous fun.

Still, even when everyone else has gone home I can keep working on the band’s progress, because this time you can play your band in their world tour while solo. You won’t be able to compete in the fixed challenges that have been added or compete in the daily Battle of the Band competitions (where your band competes with those on your friends list to get the best score on one of several challenges changed out by Harmonix every few days – and once you top your friends list, you start competing with the rest of the world), but playing alone still winds up being much more fun than just going methodically through a list of songs like the first Rock Band and every Guitar Hero game so far.


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