Deus Ex : Human Revolution PS3 Review

Deus Ex was a game that was first released on a pc in 2000. The wonder of the Deus Ex franchise is that is a combination of a first person shooter and a role playing game. This is a rare breed of game. The story is also based on science fiction and this became a classic. The last instalment was the Invisible War released in 2003.


First of all if we examine the graphics and compare to other first person shoots like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 there is no comparison. The backgrounds are not that detailed and the colour scheme is very simplistic. However, they are efficient and the animation of the characters are adequate. The characters are unique and grab your attention and there is a lot of variety in the gameplay 25 – 40 hours. So overall the experience of the game is very good even though it will not win any awards. Similarly the sound is also adequate, but not outstanding.

Indeed the science fiction story is very intriguing and this is where the game dramatically makes up for what it lacks in sound and graphics with a very engaging story. It is very captivating and makes you get deeply engrossed into the game. The longer you player the deeper that you will get involved into the game. You portray the role of Adam Jensen the head of security for Sarif Corporation. Basically the primary business of this corporation is to develop a better human through advanced surgery and implants.

The gameplay is absolutely amazing. It has a huge world that you can explore and take different options for different outcomes. Sometimes the artificial intelligence can be awkard. The game is made for a single player and there is no online multiplayer. Overall based on the captivating story and engrossing gameplay this is an exceptional game. There is also a lot of replay value.


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