Making World of Warcraft Gold, A Quick Tip and guild

One of the secrets to making more World of Warcraft gold is in how you handle the loot you find. Items found come in colors, that is their titles do. Grey items are usually junk, white items are usable by someone for something, then there are the green, blue, and extremely rare purple items.
Check out or  Making Warcraft Gold – 7 Hot Tips / – One of the tips is to sell all your white items on the Auction House. They greys are usually only good to sell to a vendor, but some of the white items will sell for surpising amounts. When you stop by town to dump youir loot from the last few quests you should mail all yoiur white and better items to youir auction house alt to sell.

Study the market for those white items. You’ll find some nice surpises.

Why Bother with a World of Warcraft Guild ?

WoW Guilds are groups of people, in the World of Warcraft, under a common banner, The Guild. Well, duh. People get into guilds, or create them, for the purposes of socializing, finding new friends, getting help with quests, PvP, raids, and more.

Another value of the guild is revenge. Are you getting ganked too much (on your PvP server?) Call in your guild to help out.

Do youi want to run a guild? Are you nuts?  Running a guild is not for the casual player. You will spend a lot of time trying to find like-minded folks and then molding them into a core group which will give your guild life. Not so bad until more an more people just want to do their own thing and the guild starts to fracture. WoW guilds can become great, but it does take hard work and time and dedication to making it great.


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