FIFA 18 Review for PS4

Released last week under the shadow of Blast Corps, FIFA 18 may be one of the most overlooked games on the N64 platform. This game has a huge amount of replay potential with the FIFA and the American, British, French, Italian, and German leagues all present. Other features of FIFA Ultimate team 18 include play by play and color commentating by John Motson, 4 player ability, instant replay, and free floating cameras.

Upon first view, FUT 18 is indeed spectacular. The music is on par with that of KI2, and the graphics of the intro are very photo realistic. The game offers 3 modes of play and half lengths from 2 minutes to 45 minutes. If you don’t have it, buy it and profit to buy fifa 18 coins on web sailors like ejuegosdefutbol for monedas fut 18 for exemple  !

Gameplay of FIFA 18 : realism and IA

The game FIFA 18 itself is simply stupendous. The graphics are very realistic by polygon standards, and the action is very realistic : for more read the review of FIFA 18 on socioinfocyber . The play by play can get a bit repetitive, but in all is a welcome addition (especially on a cart). The computer AI is very good ranging from fairly easy to playing vs. Messi or Ronaldo himself. The crowd chants add even more to the realism.

Of all, the best feature is the free cam of the instant replay. The is nothing more gratifying that watching your wingman score a goal, over and over again from every angle. Also, a nice inclusion is the use of the arrow buttons to make crowd sounds after goals…”goaaaaaaaaaaal!

The game isn’t perfect though. The control is a tad sluggish, and powering up shots is inconvenient, but necessary. It would also be nice if the saves didn’t take up as much room as they do. And for some reason, probably do to lisencing, the American players are not present.

The rest of the world is, but the Americans are all fictitious for fifa 18 coins .

Conclusion about this FUT

Graphics : 4.5

Sound : 4.0

Control : 3.5

Fun : 5.0

Fifa coins : great !


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